Roby Recognized for Strong Pro-Business Record

Posted to Media on May. 3, 2018

MONTGOMERY, AL – U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) this week received strong support from key pro-business organizations for her proven record of supporting policies that strengthen the business community in Alabama and across the country.

Representative Roby today announced that her campaign for reelection in Alabama’s Second District has been endorsed by the Alabama Associated General Contractors (AGC) PAC and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Fed PAC.

The AGC of Alabama and NFIB praised Roby’s strong pro-business record:

“Martha Roby continues to do an outstanding job for the hardworking people of Alabama. Her steadfast support has allowed job creation and an environment where people can do better for themselves and their families.”

– Alex Whaley, II, Alabama AGCPAC Committee

“As the voice of small business, NFIB knows good small business policy starts with electing good small business candidates. Therefore, Martha Roby’s reelection is critical to the small businesses in Alabama’s Second District, and we look forward to working with you on the issues most important to them.”

– Sharon Sussin, National Political Director, NFIB Fed PAC

Roby reacted to the Alabama AGCPAC and NFIB endorsements and stated:

“I am honored to have the strong support of the Association of General Contractors of Alabama and the National Federation of Independent Business. I’m proud to work alongside these outstanding organizations to advance policies that strengthen small businesses – not hurt them. Small businesses are the economic engine of this country, and I consider it one of my responsibilities in Congress to do all I can to support them. I look forward to continuing this pro-business work on behalf of Alabama’s Second District and the entire country.”

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