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Putting Alabama First - Martha Roby for Congress

Read the very latest news from the campaign blog along with external articles of interest.

Martha Roby: Thank you for the opportunity to serve

Posted to News on Jul. 30, 2019

While my name will not be on the ballot in 2020, I remain committed to continuing the fight for Alabama and the people I represent in the Second District until I cast my last vote on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. (Read more...)

Martha Roby Announces She Will Not Seek Sixth Congressional Term

Posted to News on Jul. 26, 2019

U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) today announced she will not seek reelection to a sixth congressional term in 2020. She released the following statement. (Read more...)

AL.com: Alabama Farmers Federation endorses Martha Roby for re-election

Posted to News on May. 3, 2018

FarmPAC, the political action committee of the influential Alabama Farmers Federation, endorsed Rep. Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, for re-election on Tuesday. (Read more...)

Alabama Political Reporter: Roby gets perfect scorecard from Family Research Council

Posted to News on May. 3, 2018

The Family Research Council (FRC) Action announced that U.S. Rep.Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, is among a new record of 245 Members of Congress who scored a perfect 100 percent for votes cast last year. (Read more...)

Roby Posts Strong Fundraising Numbers Ahead of June Primary

Posted to News on May. 3, 2018

U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL), who is running for reelection in Alabama’s Second Congressional District, raised $345,602 in the first quarter of 2018, according to the campaign’s Federal Election Committee (FEC) report. (Read more...)

NRA Endorses Roby in June 5 Republican Primary

Posted to News on May. 3, 2018

U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) today announced that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has endorsed her campaign for reelection in Alabama's Second Congressional District. (Read more...)

Alabama Today: Martha Roby honors Wounded Warrior Project members at White House

Posted to News on Apr. 6, 2017

Alabama 2nd District U.S. Rep. Martha Roby attended a special White House event honoring wounded service members and veterans at the White House on Thursday. During a special ceremony for the Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride — a four-day cycling opportunity meant to help those who have suffered war injuries overcome the physical and psychological burdens resulting from their service — Roby showed her support and appreciation for America’s wounded warriors. (Read more...)

Yellowhammer News: ‘On notice’: Rep. Martha Roby details how Trump and Sessions are working to put an end to sanctuary cities

Posted to News on Apr. 6, 2017

In a column for the Montgomery Advertiser, Rep. Martha Roby (R-Ala.) updated the status of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security’s effort to stifle illegal immigration. Roby says the major focus is on sanctuary cities. Roby says Attorney General (and former Alabama senator) Jeff Sessions is making a difference on illegal immigration. (Read more...)

Troy Messenger: Roby to fellow lawmakers: Time to repeal Obamacare

Posted to News on Mar. 23, 2017

“I’ve heard from countless constituents negatively impacted by Obamacare,” Roby said on the House floor. “I’ve listened to their stories about how higher costs and fewer choices have made it that much harder to keep their families healthy and make ends meet. With the American Health Care Act, we begin the process of repealing Obamacare once and for all. This bill dismantles the taxes, mandates, and entitlement spending that make up the core of Obamacare. It cuts taxes on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, insurance premiums, and medical devices. It eliminates the individual and employer mandate penalties that have forced millions into expensive, inadequate plans. It replaces the Obamacare entitlement with refundable tax credits so that people who don’t receive insurance through work can put their own tax dollars toward a health plan of their choice.” (Read more...)

AL.com: Martha Roby given increased role in new Congress

Posted to News on Feb. 3, 2017

Rep. Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, said she was given a platform to be a stronger advocate for Alabama's military community, including being a booster of bringing the F-35A fighter jet to Montgomery, through her committee assignments in the new Congress. The four-term congresswoman also sits on the House Judiciary Committee, where she said she would focus on addressing sex trafficking, immigration and border security. It's unusual for a member of the Appropriations Committee to be seated on another committee, but House leadership asked Roby to handle the additional assignment. (Read more...)

Dothan Eagle: Martha Roby says she is in line with President Trump’s agenda

Posted to News on Jan. 26, 2017

“While President Trump has been using the order to undo several Obama administration policies, he did say – and Vice President Pence said today as well – that they are looking forward to working with the legislative branch,” Roby said. “As a pro-life member of Congress I was very excited to see the restriction back on U.S. aid going to international agencies that perform abortions. I will say that this week the president’s use of the executive order has been very well received in Congress.” (Read more...)

Alabama Today:  Martha Roby: America must keep the upper hand with Iran

Posted to News on Nov. 28, 2016

I’m afraid the Obama Administration’s baffling behavior toward Iran is weakening what was once a very strong hand in dealing with this rouge nation. However, since President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal is an executive agreement and not a treaty, it is subject for review in the next presidential administration. President-elect Donald Trump said repeatedly throughout his campaign that he believes the Obama Administration negotiated badly, and he strongly suggested that he will pull the U.S. out of the nuclear agreement. Like everyone else who has been engaged in this issue, I am eager to see how President-elect Trump deals with the situation. My colleagues and I in Congress certainly stand willing to support policies that strengthen our hand towards Iran, as evidenced by the overwhelming bi-partisan vote in favor of the Iran Sanctions Extension Act (ISA). (Read more...)

Alabama Today: Martha Roby: Jeff Sessions is the right pick for Attorney General

Posted to News on Nov. 18, 2016

I’m very proud for Senator Sessions on this achievement. He’s been a kind mentor to me, and I have valued his guidance and leadership over my six years in Congress. Senator Sessions has been a dedicated fighter for the conservative cause for many years now, and no one deserves this honor more. (Read more...)

Manufacture Alabama Endorses Martha Roby

Posted to News on Jan. 27, 2016

In his statement of support, Manufacture Alabama's President George Clark cited Roby's strong pro-manufacturing record and experience. “Congresswoman Roby is a proven and solid leader for our state. She has an established pro-manufacturing record and has continuously supported the energy, workforce development and regulatory issues critical to the livelihood of manufacturing. Congresswoman Roby is passionate about public service and is committed to serving the people of Alabama’s Second Congressional District.” (Read more...)

SBA List Candidate Fund Endorses Rep. Martha Roby for Re-election

Posted to News on Jan. 19, 2016

“Since her election in 2011, Congresswoman Martha Roby has been an unwavering voice for unborn children and women. From cosponsoring and advocating for pro-life legislation, to speaking out on the House floor and in the media, Rep. Roby has distinguished herself as a thoughtful, passionate leader,” said former Rep. Marilyn Musgrave. “We are proud to endorse her re-election campaign and look forward to her return to Congress where we know she will continue to champion pro-life, pro-woman policies.” (Read more...)

AL.com column: Alabama Rep. Martha Roby destroyed Common Core coercion, and you probably missed it

Posted to News on Jan. 15, 2016

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which President Obama signed into law at the end of 2015, prohibits the federal government from doing just that, and Alabama Representative Martha Roby deserves a lot of the credit. (Read more...)

Yellowhammer News: Sessions backs Roby in must-watch Alabama congressional primary

Posted to News on Jan. 14, 2016

“Senator Sessions is a bold, dynamic leader Alabamians are proud of, and I’m grateful to have his support,” [Roby] said. “His breadth of knowledge on issues is unrivaled, which is why I have sought his counsel since even before I got to Congress. I admire Senator Sessions greatly, and I am grateful for his leadership within our delegation and our state.” (Read more...)

Yellowhammer: Roby pulls in major endorsements from 36 mayors in Alabama’s 2nd congressional district

Posted to News on Oct. 28, 2015

This week Congresswoman Roby pulled in endorsements from 36 mayors, hailing from each corner of the district. The mayors imparted their endorsement in a joint letter sent to Roby this week. “We appreciate your deep commitment to our local communities,” the mayors wrote. (Read more...)

AL.com: Martha Roby endorsed by Alabama Farmers Federation

Posted to News on Oct. 21, 2015

The Alabama Farmers Federation (ALFA), with over 400,000 members, announced its support for Martha Roby today, citing her support of the 2013 Farm Bill and her unwavering advocacy on behalf of Alabama agriculture. (Read more...)

Yellowhammer: Alabama tea party group endorses Roby citing her support for military

Posted to News on Oct. 7, 2015

The Patriots are one of Alabama's original "Tea Party" groups, and have remained focused on supporting Constitutional conservative candidates at the local, state and federal level. The endorsement says a lot. Martha has support from a wide range of voters because of her record of fighting for the issues that Alabamians care about. (Read more...)

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