Dothan Eagle: Martha Roby says she is in line with President Trump’s agenda

Posted to News on Jan. 26, 2017

Congresswoman Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, said Thursday that she is looking forward to putting her pre-election opposition to the Donald Trump campaign behind her and focusing on what she said is a decisively conservative and “pro-growth” agenda from the new president.

Roby spoke to the Dothan Eagle Thursday between sessions at the GOP Retreat in Philadelphia after hearing from President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

“The greatest takeaway from the retreat thus far is that the conservative policies that have been crafted in the House, alongside the conservative policies that have been crafted in the Senate, are being fully embraced by the president. We are all on the same page about how to move our country forward,” Roby said.

Roby publicly opposed Trump’s campaign following the leak of audio from 2006 in which Trump bragged about inappropriately touching women. Roby said Thursday that she is focusing on the future.

“Emotions run high during elections. I truly believed we were headed for defeat. That obviously turned out to be wrong and he won. Look, I’m glad he did. The whole point was to defeat Hillary Clinton. I always call it like I see it. I did then, and I will now. I will tell you that the first week of this administration -- what I have seen and heard --has been very, very good.”

Roby will serve on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, a standing subcommittee within the House Appropriations Committee that helps craft policy on defense spending. Roby will also serve on the House Judiciary Committee.

“There is direct involvement there with immigration,” Roby said concerning her Judiciary Committee assignment. “I also want to tackle the issue of human sex trafficking. We have a huge problem here with girls and women being sold into the sex trade and it happens in plain sight.”

Roby said Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, is crafting an aggressive agenda for the first 200 days of the Legislative session.

“We have already started the process of repealing and replacing Obamacare,” Roby said. “That will take some time through budget reconciliation, but there is movement already in crafting the replacement. Tax reform is also going to be a priority. It is all about getting the heavy hand of government off the American people.”

Trump has been aggressive in his first week in office with the use of executive orders. House Republicans were critical of former President Barack Obama’s use of the executive order, claiming his use of the process was unconstitutional.

Roby said Thursday that she supports Trump’s use of the executive order because it began the process of undoing what she believed Obama should not have been able to do in the first place.

“While President Trump has been using the order to undo several Obama administration policies, he did say – and Vice President Pence said today as well – that they are looking forward to working with the legislative branch,” Roby said. “As a pro-life member of Congress I was very excited to see the restriction back on U.S. aid going to international agencies that perform abortions. I will say that this week the president’s use of the executive order has been very well received in Congress.”

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